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Who we are

We’re an outsourced digital media trading desk that enables you to brief, book, review and monitor your digital advertising campaigns easily and effectively.

Who knew it could be so easy to tap into professional resources?

You can now access the world of efficient digital media buying through DSPs and Real Time Bidding without the need to increase your own staff numbers or have instant expertise, yet still have professionals working with you.

MMTD is powered by a veteran company in the Media Sales business, having 30+ years experience working with Media Agencies and Marketers to effectively execute their advertising campaigns. In this outsourced Programmatic Media Buying model, MyMediaTradingDesk have partnerships with 15 Platforms (DSP, SSP, DMP, etc) and can choose the best few for your goals. Not just sell you the only two they have access to, or worse still, just Google Display…

Through years of digital strategy experience, we build on your brief to make sure you get the best results possible, then help you understand how we came up with the response so you can explain it to the boss or client! MMTD proposals are based on strategy, geo-targeting and robust data overlays from our specialist providers to get you in front of the right prospects, plus there are no hidden costs or management fees. You can even include a selection of the clients’ favourite premium sites with our Whitelist Strategy!

Whether you’re after a Display, Video, Mobile, Facebook or Tablet advertising campaign, or a combination of all of them, we can help.

Where you’ll also beneift from partnering with MMTD is with access to our regular and detailed reporting processes. Obviously, you want to know where your client’s money is being invested and how individual strategies are performing – and we agree. Why would other suppliers not give you this information? Is a “Blind Buy” acceptable? You wouldn’t do it across any other media would you?