Typical Client Issues

The follow are NOT client testimonials – they are anecdotal insights into how they may be able to help you. Each is a non-identifying, creative composite reflecting the experiences of many clients.

Our clients come from all walks of business. Their technical know-how ranges from “fully in-the-know” to “completely in the dark”.

What they all share, however, is the desire to increase their hyper-targeted web traffic in the most affordable, least restrictive way possible.

That’s why they choose MyMediaTradingDesk. We’re able to deliver millions of prospects to them by using 15 different ad platforms and 8 targeting methods – all with push-button simplicity.



Director of Operations at a Traditional Marketing Agency

You’re an offline agency doing your clients a disservice by not offering digital…

Candace works for a well-known, successful offline marketing firm. She knows print, radio and direct mail better than any agency out there. But when it comes to digital solutions, she’s embarrassed to admit that her agency is ‘behind the times’.

Her clients trust her, but she secretly knows she’s doing them a disservice by not offering digital marketing solutions. Candace feels like they’re essentially robbing them (and her agency!) of new revenue streams. But every time she re-visits the subject, she gets caught up in a maze of confusion and roadblocks. Her office is filled to capacity and no one in-house has the skills to get an entire digital department up and running.

Candace needs a reliable external solution she can drop in place… have up and running in less than a month… and be able to confidently recommend to her valued clients.

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You have high hopes for your business’s online success, but your goals are yet to be realised…

Shaun’s team has been looking for ways to grow their brand and reach ever larger numbers of highly-targeted customers. Right now, they’re doing this about 80% offline. They’ve spent about 20% of their budget on Google AdWords campaigns. They had high hopes, but the results were less than stellar. Plus, they felt like they were mostly shooting in the dark and just hoping for clicks.

Shaun doesn’t have time to re-train employees to master the art and science of digital media buying and they don’t have the budget to hire an in-house ‘digital guru’.

He’s looking for a way to leverage an external team of experts that can execute hyper-targeted campaigns on his behalf – gathering higher-quality leads and initiating the ‘right’ conversations with them. He’d also love to outsource the metrics reporting. It’s too much for him to handle on top of everything else he has to do.

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Marketing Manager at a Mid-Sized Consumer Goods Business



Digital Marketing Manager at a Mid-Sized Service Business

You’ve maxed out profitable traffic from Google AdWords and are searching for additional platforms to ramp it up again…

Fiona’s team has had a lot of success scaling their marketing results in recent years, primarily due to their digital marketing efforts. They’ve seen their online traffic and revenues rise in tandem. So now they live by this simple equation: ‘More digital spend = More eyeballs on their site = More profit.’

They’re beginning to feel, however, that they’ve maxed out much of their profitable traffic from Google AdWords and they’re searching for additional platforms to help ramp it back up again. They’re an incredibly data-driven company, so they need to see exactly where their ad spend is going and where it’s generating the best results.

If they work with any outside vendors, Fiona insists that they’re even more digitally savvy than they are. That’s the only way they know they’re getting their money’s worth.

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Google have arbitrarily paused your AdWords account for a ‘policy violation’…

“For a while, Google AdWords was a cash cow for Michael and his team. Their traffic was at a record high and their sales were too. Then, out of the blue, Google paused their account for an arbitrary ‘policy violation’. It took his team nearly 72 hours to figure out exactly what the problem was and change it. In the meantime, their traffic plummeted and they lost significant revenue because they had zero alternate traffic drivers in place.

Ever since then, Michael’s felt hamstrung by Google’s overbearing rules. (Not to mention the skyrocketing CPC on their AdWords campaigns.) He wants to test new pages and employ sales language that is proven to work, but is scared of getting penalised again!

He knows he needs more platforms, more traffic and more freedom than Google can currently offer me. He’s also wants to send a message that Google doesn’t run this marketing department, he does.

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Strategic Marketing Manager at a Mid-Sized Apparel Business