“Introducing The Digital Media Trading Desk That Lets You Reach Millions of Potential Customers Via Up To 15 Ad Platforms and 8 Targeting Methods… All With Push-Button Simplicity”

MyMediaTradingDesk works with private brands to help you access the widest possible audience of prospects simply and at a low cost

  • Expand existing campaigns and reach new people you’re not currently reaching.
  • Low minimums for ease of testing – campaigns start from just $6K over 4 weeks.
  • Already on the Google AdWords Display Network (GDN)? Reach vastly more
    people with NO Quality Score requirements and NO landing page quality


Digital Advertising For Businesses – Private Digital Media Buying – MMTD

In order to remain competitive in the “Digital Age”, online marketing and advertising needs to be part of your business
strategy. The longer you wait, the harder it is to jump in the ‘digital pool’. Even if you have marketing experts on staff, it‘s
challenging for them to stay on top of – never mind ahead of – digital trends. It’s a big world out there and you can’t afford to
blow your advertising budget on ‘hit and miss’ efforts searching for a strategy that works for your business.


The good news? You can ‘go digital’ without having to ‘wing it’ and hope it works.

MyMediaTradingDesk is your secret weapon. We can
position your company to out-gun larger, more experienced
companies – even ones already succeeding online.

Now you can enter the world of Programmatic Media Buying and access the Display Banners, Video
and Social Media that are available through DSP’s and Real Time Bidding. Which means no more
having to ‘guess’ which websites your prospects are on and go ‘all in’ on those….

You can profile the perfect prospect and let our Trading Desk find them across hundreds of
thousands of sites for you.

  • Our plan will integrate seamlessly with your current marketing – enhance what’s already working and reach new prospects you aren’t reaching other ways
  • You’ll get fantastic marketing results – you’ll look good too – no worries about appearing like novices or the ‘new kids on the block’
  • Push button simplicity – you don’t have to become a digital expert to reach millions of potential customers
  • You’ll get a minimum click guarantee to ensure you’re connecting with the exact right audience
  • Your digital reporting will be handled for you free of charge, providing greater accountability

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You’ll get instant access to our team of Digital Campaign Specialists utilising 8 distinct strategies working with 15 different
platforms – providing vast exposure, quickly. We’ll roll out:

  • Audience Demographic / Profile Targeting
  • Behavioural / Intent Targeting
  • Vertical Targeting
  • Site Whitelisting
  • Site and Facebook Retargeting
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Mobile Device Targeting
  • Search Keyword Retargeting

There’s Never Any Management Fee AND There Are NO Setup Fees

To get started, simply contact us and discover
how we can help you achieve real, measurable results.

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What Are Other Companies Saying About MMTD?

“Frontier Media have used MyMediaTradingDesk over the course of 5
months to help a Finance Client take the plunge into garnering online,
pre-qualified leads for their Sales Team”.

“I was impressed with the team at MyMediaTradingDesk and how hard
they work to understand client goals”.

“MMTD’s level of open communication, detailed reporting and willingness
to answer multiple questions, as often as required, helped us work toward
our goal”.

Talk to us today about how we can help you achieve
real, measurable results.

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