Our 7 Step Process

We’ve explained before that we’re initially hard to work with, but worth it.  But we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a better idea of the process that we will be going through together once we start working with you.

Step 1 – Tell Us What You Need.

Briefing us on what you need can be done in a number of ways. You can give us a call, send us an email or complete the enquiry form on our website. Your request can be as complicated as a full, descriptive brief followed by an in-depth phone discussion or as simple as a two line, panicked email. We handle either approach and guarantee that we will be able to help you, even if you need something at the last minute.

Step 2 – Interpreting Your Needs.

Our team will do our own interpretation of what you’ve told us you’re trying to achieve. We may come back to you several times to ask questions and gather more information. This process allows us to make sure that we know exactly what you’re trying to achieve when using programmatic and it means the plan we present you will be more effective.

Step 3 – We Translate the Brief.

Once we know what your goal is, we translate everything into digital advertising and programmatic language. This means our buyers and suppliers will be able to easily understand exactly what you’re seeking, making it simple for us to get started on quoting and preparing your campaign.

Step 4 – Recommendations Are Made.

We make suggestions based on successful campaigns that we’ve already run, what the specific goals you want to achieve are, and which datasets are currently performing well. We encapsulate all of this in pricing and deliverables that get you the best possible ROI.

Step 5 – Proposals And Choices.

Where there are a few different options you could utilise for your campaign, we note them all and offer our recommendation on the perfect one. This helps make your recommendations to your client, or internally, that much easier. We can give you guidance and will be available to answer any questions, but at the end of the day it’s important to us that you make your own decision on which model you’d like to use. Through this process you prove to yourself just how much you’ve learned about programmatic by working with us, and it also lets you invest more strongly in the outcomes.

Step 6 – Implementation.

Once you’ve booked the campaign, you’re given access to our Creative Specs and we make suggestions on what creative should convert best for your particular campaign. We also provide Tracking Tags to be placed on the advertiser’s website to measure conversions and enable retargeting and, although we’re not Web Dev’s, we can help with simple instructions on how to place these Tags. Correct creative and advice of implemented tags need to be received by us 3 days before the start of any campaign.

Step 7 – Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting.

Once your campaign is launched, we will deliver a simple ‘Start of Campaign’ report to verify that your campaign is live. Then you’ll receive a weekly report to track progress as we make adjustments. You’ll receive a more detailed report at the end of each month during the campaign and a full analysis of what worked, and what worked better, at the end of your advertising campaign.

For us at MyMediaTradingDesk, everything is about the value that you’re going to get for your money. On paper, we’re a media supplier. We take a booking, get results and return them to you as the client. But the team at MyMediaTradingDesk is more invested in getting the right results for our clients than simply carrying out our ‘on paper’ duties. It’s common for us to go through your entire Customer Conversion Experience on your site to find enhancements for you and even just that extra step, coupled with passionately providing  the right advice and assistance to our advertisers, is having a positive effect on their agency and clients. And that model is working! Here’s a recent endorsement we’ve received from one of our favourite clients:

“MyMediaTradingDesk have had a fantastic positive effect on our Agency and that of our clients”

And to put some numbers behind the words – we have helped one Agency manage over $500k of Programmatic Digital Media that they wouldn’t have known what to do with without us offering assistance. Then there’s our favourite direct advertiser who compared our offering to that of two digital divisions of international media agencies (one that had a total of 17 different fees in their terms!!) and decided to work with us. They’re now using us for their sole Facebook and Display media buying and regularly take on our advice regarding sales funnel optimisation and creative changes.

We make sure our clients learn as we work together because the more they understand the simpler the process is for everyone. Our goal is to generate new revenue for an agency because they have a new service offering in programmatic. And for our select group of direct advertisers, we’re here to rescue them from either having to submit to the terms of in-house programmatic teams at the listed agencies, or face the world of digital media alone. In essence, we make your digital media buying life easier. Drop us a line here if you want to find out how we can help you.