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MyMediaTradingDesk allows marketing agencies to grow digital revenue profitably while delighting your clients…

  • Increase agency revenue and grow existing accounts while maintaining 100% control.
  • Leverage our Senior Digital Media Strategists like they’re your own, at no cost.
  • Access 15+ digital media platforms to extend the reach and effectiveness of campaigns.


Digital Advertising For Agencies – Digital Media Buying – MMTD

You can’t put it off. Both you and your clients are reading all about Programmatic Media Buying and Real Time Bidding and DSP’s in the ad industry trade press.

Even Third Party Data and Retargeting are becoming a mainstream topic. But what does it all mean and how can you take advantage of it?

There’s a more efficient and effective way to buy Display Banners and Online Video and even Social Media, but how can you take advantage of it without a full time “Digital Media Guru” or whatever the going term is these days…

Clients are going to want to add Programmatic Buying to their repertoire, and you’re who they’ll turn to. Sadly, if you can’t give them what they need, they’ll go elsewhere.

If you don’t have the skills or the resources to compete, you’re already worried about losing their business.

Your Life Just Got Way Easier…

Introducing A Simple Way To Out-Gun Larger, More
Experienced Digital Agencies That Have Been Online For Years

MyMediaTradingDesk will help your agency grow, solve your clients’ problems and provide you with new revenue streams. Suddenly, you’ll have 10 new digital media platforms to offer and 8 distinct strategies ready to roll-out, including:

  • Audience Demographic / Profile Targeting
  • Behavioural / Intent Targeting
  • Vertical Targeting
  • Site Whitelisting
  • Site and Facebook Retargeting
  • Run of Network
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Mobile Device Targeting

Of course targeting is useless if your audience isn’t big enough to yield a meaningful contribution to your sales.

That’s why we give you a minimum click guarantee to ensure you and your clients have the confidence to quickly assess and book from our proposals.

We’ve also created a Media Commissionable/No Management Fee Facebook Advertising model for you to quickly offer clients, without having to upskill your staff.

And possibly the best news of all? Our Senior Digital Strategists will work with you. So you’ll look great and your clients will get real, measurable results.

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Get Your Head Around Our Platform In Just 2 Minutes 16 Seconds…

What Are Other Agencies Saying About MMTD?

Lisa Christie, one of Australia’s most savvy media strategist has run 7 campaigns with MyMediaTradingDesk to date and has this to say:

“They’re not IT boffins trying to service media agencies and they’re not sales people acting like they understand Digital. They understand the importance of accurately measuring performance and work to the cost per acquisition targets we set. My client’s work seems really important to them.”

Give MyMediaTradingDesk a try – you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Taking your clients digital can be this easy and:

  • Your clients will get the great service and results they’ve come to expect
    from your agency
  • Your digital reporting will be handled for you free of charge, providing greater accountability
  • You’ll gain a new revenue stream generated from standard commissions from
    your clients’ new digital investment
  • You’ll get a minimum click guarantee to ensure you’re connecting with the exact right audience
  • There’s Never Any Management Fee
Wow clients with sophisticated digital strategies

Talk with MyMediaTradingDesk BEFORE your clients want to have the ‘digital conversation’ so you’re ready to delight them when the day comes.


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