Leveraging the Benefits of Online Video

When we began in 2010, MyMediaTradingDesk started by offering only Video Ads as we were originally the Qld office for the APAC representative of TubeMogul. Since that time, we’ve added Display, Mobile, In-App, Facebook and Instagram services. With more to come. But Video has always been easy for a Media Buyer to explain, and can easily leverage existing creative and increase the reach of a TVC. Surely you’ve noticed how pre-sold CatchUp TV is and how the price has risen? Well, Programmatic Preroll across multiple exchanges is your solution.

MMTD work through a few different providers to expand the reach of Preroll campaigns. This means your client campaigns will go further than purely being on YouTube to maximise the impact of their spend, especially because there are other providers of Video that offer better value. So now you know where, the question becomes how. And the answer is Preroll (those short commercials that precede Videos online).

Unless otherwise directed by you, MMTD buys ‘non skippable’ Ads, whenever available. And unless you have some hugely strategic and creative reason to use 30 second Video, we’ll recommend 15second or less almost every time. Because in part, when was the last time you enjoyed sitting through a 30sec Preroll unless it was about an upcoming movie or concert or flashy antiperspirant ….?

It’s also worth noting that different platforms have different ways of measuring ‘a view’ which becomes billable to you. Some are 3 seconds, some are 5 seconds and Facebook, as an example, reports on those that watch at least 5 seconds of your Video but only charges for those that watch 10 seconds or more.

Just like the rest of Programmatic Digital Media, buying, optimising and reporting on Video is easy to do simply but complex to do well. You’ve got to understand that optimising to “‘Clicks to Website’ or ‘Video View Completions’ are diametrically opposed. And which one to choose per campaign. Platforms such as YT and FB can make it seem simple to get started but making the most of your investment takes a professional approach.

That said, here are some tips on the two different creative types for Preroll Video.

  1. Repurposing Television Commercials.

Television commercials are expensive to create so it’s important to make the most of any that you invest in. Repurposing television commercials means using the same content on online platforms. We regularly recommend only using the best 15second versions of your TVC when online.

‘Repurped TVCs’ are best for campaigns that have the goals of Awareness and Association. They also extend your reach into online markets not served by TV. They’re not the best for Purchase Intent though, so don’t expect massive Click Throughs. But then again the cost of Made for Web might make that extra Intent too exxy…

  1. Made for Web Content.

Video created for Online Ads is more along the lines of entertainment and can target its audience directly through the very personal screens that they utilise throughout daily life. When you’re limited to 15 seconds of content and only have five seconds to engage the viewer, a creative approach which stands out and targets the right prospects is imperative.

For most of our Advertisers, making an Ad specifically for an Online Video Campaign is too expensive as a % of the available media spend. Check out the likes of Dollar Shave Club and the iconic Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” for some ideas though!


Whatever the creative format your approach takes, MMTD can make buying and launching Video Campaigns quick and easy for you. Here’s one recent example of a brand new Prospect reaching out to us from our Website and getting exactly the service and result they were after from their cry out (on a Friday lunch time nonetheless..):

“I have a 15 sec Video brief for Nov, and my usual suppliers (News and Fairfax) have no pre-roll inventory, help!”

And after a phone call on Friday afternoon and a detailed response by Tuesday, this new Client of MMTD booked that campaign and briefed another one to the tune of some $40k.


So Yes, we know Video and Yes, we’ve got the service model to help you out of a jam!

But maybe don’t wait until you’re in a desperate situation to get in touch with us. Let’s have the conversation early and make sure you have the Video options your clients need in advance, rather than at the last minute. Get in touch with MMTD and talk it through today.

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