How to Brief Us

I always say that it’s worth making the call to us to just have a chat. A frank and open conversation before you even start writing a brief or promising something to a client will make sure that you are going in the right direction. It also gives us both a chance to confirm that our companies are going to be a good fit.

If you’ve never outsourced to a digital media trading company before you’re probably guessing what information we need from you. And even if you have a little experience, you’ll find that we’re not like the rest. Our team is trained to ask more questions and to get more information up front. We know that asking the questions early means the campaign is more likely to go smoothly.

A conversation with me before you start writing the brief can help you know what you need to include. We can refine your goals and identify your measurables up front. Most importantly, talking to me first means we can use the time to see if you’re on the right track and digital media is the way to go to achieve your clients’ objectives.

At MyMediaTradingDesk, we’re here to make everything easier for you, including briefing us. Here are some things to consider when you’re writing the brief, whether we’ve had the chance to talk or not.

An effective programmatic digital media brief will focus on objectives, not solutions. We don’t expect you to know exactly how you want everything implemented, but we are going to need to know what you are trying to achieve for your clients. If I know what you want to achieve with a particular campaign, and in the longer term as a business, I can shape strategies which not only fulfill your customer brief, but which add value to your eventual business outcomes. Working with MyMediaTradingDesk means we work towards your business success, with you.

I’ve mentioned that my team and I are going to ask you a lot of questions when we talk to you. The answers give us the direction and information we need to analyse the wide array of options that we have access to. We’re a little different to most companies offering Programmatic services in that we have relationships with some fifteen separate platforms, enabling us to recommend the best one for your particular brief. We have no ‘Minimum Spend’ criteria with any of the platforms meaning we never have to force you into using a platform just because we need to meet contractual goals (watch out for that one – the old ‘Round Peg, Square Hole’ issue…..).

We give pretty strong feedback at MMTD. Feedback that will help you manage your clients’ expectations both at the start and the end of campaigns. We wrote about our ‘Say, Mean, Measure’ Model in a recent Blog Post too. And then there’s the ‘conflicting goals clarification’ that often comes up with Video. Did you know it’s not possible to optimise “to website Clicks with a 90-100% completion rate”. Ask us why.

You don’t need to be an expert when you’re briefing us. Ask all of the questions you have for me. Challenge me, let me show you that my team and I know what we’re talking about. Leverage off of our expertise for the benefit of your clients. Answer all of our questions. Great two way communication is the foundation of a successful brief.

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