Hard to Work With, But Worth It

I’m just going to apologise up front. You’re going to start out thinking my team and I are very difficult to work with.

We’re going to ask you a lot of questions. We’re not going to immediately respond to your brief. And we’re probably going to take longer to get back to you than anyone else will.

So why should you persevere with us? Stick with us because it’s going to be worth it. We’re difficult up front to make everything easier when we get to the actual implementation.

My team and I don’t do anything in half measures. When we say that we can get you results, it’s because we mean it. The questions you’ll have to answer up front are designed to refine your brief. It’s important that we know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to measure the success of the campaign. Then we reverse engineer a campaign based on targeted goals that you agree on with us.

“Michael’s knowledge of digital media is matched by his resolve to achieve a result for his clients and often his counsel is based on what not to do, as much as what we should be doing”

Upon receipt of your brief, we spend time analysing strategies and optimising a campaign that will get you the results you are after for your clients. Our business model only works if you brief us accurately and honestly on the results you are seeking. This is where our questions come from and the process will get a heap easier as we progress together. Once we know what you want to achieve, we can identify the best advertising strategies and platforms to target the audience that you want.

There’s an added bonus for you in our business model. We invest in knowledge transfer to your team. We understand that it’s important to your business that you and your team are able to explain the digital strategies that we are putting in place in order to ensure the confidence of the client. You’ll also need to be able to explain the results that we’re going to get because none of us like that surprise “it didn’t work” email at the end of the campaign when we both thought it was going swimmingly. That said, you’ll be getting weekly reports and a detailed End of Campaign Analysis so you’re always equipped for client queries (and congrats!).

We’re not going to make false promises. We’re going to ask you a lot of questions. We’re going to work with you to refine your goals. We’re going to make sure what you need to achieve for your clients is clear.

Then we’re going to deliver you the results your client has been expecting.

Because surely you’ve already had the experience of the slick digital salesman who jumps at any brief you send him and promises the world but delivers poor service, results and reporting…

With MyMediaTradingDesk, not only will you benefit from our regular and detailed reporting processes, we’re also going to help your staff learn and grow. We upskill your staff so they can pitch the strategies we provide to you and they can be more proactive with clients and bookings. They’ll go from Zero to Programmatic Hero in no time!
It’s pretty simple really. We’re going to help you eliminate the difference between what the Client ‘Says’, what they ‘Mean’ and what they’re going to ‘Measure’.

“I really couldn’t have met this client’s quick turnaround without you guys, so really appreciate your efforts in getting this onboard so

But don’t worry, it’s not always going to be difficult to brief us! After a few campaigns we’re so in sync that a couple of lines on email is all it takes.

Until then, you can Brief Us Here.