Are Google’s Policies & Quality Score

Requirements Costing You Sales?

Take Back Control of Your Online Profits with a Genuine Alternative to the Google Ad Network – Without Google’s Heavy-Handed Restrictions

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AdWords Can Be a Delicate and Frustrating Balancing Act Between What You Know Works and What Google Will Allow…

If you’re like many savvy Internet Marketers, you probably feel hamstrung by Google’s overbearing rules.

You know that squeeze pages and sales language work and will generate the biggest profits, but you fear that Big Brother (a.k.a. Google) will unplug your account the moment you employ these proven strategies.

Even long-standing Google advertisers that pour thousands of dollars per week into AdWords are not immune from Google’s heavy-handed penalties.

Alas you’re force to tone down your sales copy and compete with the rising cost pressures associated with Google’s Quality Score.

This has just been a fact of life for all Internet Marketers – That is up until now…

MyMediaTradingDesk is a Genuine Alternative to Google AdWords that Helps You Reach Millions of Potential Customers Via up to 15 Ad Platforms besides Google Using 8 Proven Targeting Methods…

Push-button simplicity without Google’s rules and regulations that cost you time, money and opportunity.

Attract people you’re not currently reaching because:

  • You’ve maxed out relevant traffic from Adwords and Google Display Network
  • Your highest converting Creative and Landing Pages don’t meet Google’s Quality Score requirements.
  • You’ve been kicked off AdWords or penalised, losing traffic that was once easy to generate
  • You can’t easily access profitable, cost effective networks and put them to work

Looking for an Alternative or Supplement to AdWords or the Google Display Network (GDN)?

To get in front of great prospects and stay ahead of your competition, you need advertising sources that won’t tie your hands, slap your wrists and act like ‘big brother’ at every turn.

It may seem like Google owns the internet, but there are actually more productive and cost effective methods for getting in front of the people who want – and are looking for – what you offer.

Make MyMediaTradingDesk Your Secret Weapon. We can position your company to out-gun larger, more experienced companies – even ones already succeeding online.

  • You’ve been kicked off AdWords or penalised, losing traffic that was once easy to generate
  • We can integrate seamlessly with your current marketing – enhance what’s already working and get in front of new prospects you aren’t yet reaching
  • Achieve fantastic results without taking a costly learning curve – we can help you get ‘back in the game’ quickly and easily
  • Push button simplicity – you don’t have to learn new systems or ‘cave’ to unrealistic parameters to get in front of millions of prospects
  • You’ll get a minimum click guarantee even on CPM campaigns.
  • Your digital reporting will be handled for you at no extra cost – providing greater accountability for better results over time

Get Your Head Around Our Platform In Just 2 Minutes 16 Seconds…

You can’t afford to waste time and resources guessing where your marketing and advertising might be most effective. Programmatic Media Buying allows you to access the Display Banners, Video and Social Media available through DSP’s and Real Time Bidding that are right for you.

How MyMediaTradingDesk Works – 5 Easy Steps:

  • Schedule a strategy session to review your past marketing and conversion experience and discuss future goals
  • We recommend the traffic networks that will deliver the best results based on your goals and desired target audience
  • We estimate the traffic potential of the recommended networks and outline costs
  • Start testing with a small minimum spend over a given period of time and then expand as you see results
  • We run your campaigns, analyse the traffic, optimise your marketing and provide detailed reporting to help you better achieve your targets

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