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MyMediaTradingDesk helps Agencies to utilise programmatic media buying to grow their offering, with the bonus of exceptionally high customer service.

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Media Buying

We support media buyers by bringing all of the disparate digital suppliers available programmatically into one place. We support privately owned agencies to compete with the big boys and girls.


As a Creative, you’re often you’re leading the client conversations and you just want to bring an expert to the table under your umbrella. That’s us. At MMTD, you don’t get lost in a global buyer’s basement.


As a full service, you’re so broad that you need to rely on suppliers that will abide by the strategies you’ve proposed but still bring fresh ideas on digital buying. We get that.

Recommending Digital Media Campaigns is easy, delivering & reporting on them is where the skill comes in.

When we launched in 2013, we spent much of our time educating the market on what programmatic was and how it worked.

Now, most of our new Agency accounts have horrendous war stories of being let down or ripped off in the past. Our onboarding process, service levels and regular quality reporting seems to appeal. The fact we have a 95% retention rate for agencies probably means they’re now happy with MMTD.

We’d like you to have a similar experience with us. Here’s a few things you can expect when working with MyMediaTradingDesk.

  • We help you with proactive pitches as well as your retained accounts. Our goal is for your business to grow.

  • We'll walk you through our 'Say, Mean, Measure' model for briefs, ensuring that any tough conversations are had up front and there's no let-downs at campaign end.

  • You receive quality, weekly reporting and detailed end of month reports. You'll never have to chase us for reports or patch them together yourself from data dumps.

  • In most instances, we'll also offer a minimum click guarantee on CPM campaigns, ensuring that our team is aiming for quality inventory that works for you.

  • We offer advice on sales funnels and creative to ensure that your goals are met in the most cost effective way possible.

You brief us, we respond to you, you present to your client. Maintain as much control as you want.

Leverage our Senior Digital Media Strategists to upskill your team, at no cost.

One brief to us gives you access to multiple digital media across video, display, social, mobile and more.

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Agency FAQs

Here’s some topics we get queries on from time to time. Feel free to call with your own though!

Do you offer agency commissions?

Yes, we offer Agency Commissions to accredited Media Agencies. For other Agencies we can usually negotiate something that works for everyone given you and we are privately owned.

Can I whitelabel your service?

We're still not really sure what whitelabeling in this industry means unless you're SaaS. We're not. But we can produce schedules and reporting in your Agency's brand rather than our own if that makes life easier for you!

Can MMTD run campaigns on....

Probably! As per the video above, what's available programmatically is constantly increasing. From Display Banners to Spotify Audio and Native to Pinterest, we have access to a large range of media types. It's probably best to just drop us a note and ask for what you're specifically after.

What are my targeting options?

Pretty broad actually. There's all sorts of Third Party Data available to us through the DMPs and we can run national campaigns or hyper localised ones. We partner with world-leading mobile targeting companies to deliver bespoke targeting for political and retail campaigns. We can probably do what you need. Just ask!

Where are you based?

We're based in Brisbane, Queensland but most of our work is actually done for organisations in other areas of the country. We've run campaigns for international gambling platforms and retailers but we've found that servicing Australian Based Agencies and Marketers suits us best. That said, we're happy to have an initial chat with anyone and our team regularly travels around the country meeting up and strategising with clients.

What are other agencies saying about MMTD?

  • “I’ve worked with Michael and the MMTD team since 2013 for our retail clients who demand smart and clear digital solutions that are executed accurately and on-time. The MMTD team deliver and are a pleasure to deal with. Working to both large and small budgets with the same attention to detail and professionalism, we value their ability to deliver results.”

    Justine Butler, Media Director
    Media Merchants
  • "I really couldn’t have met this client's quick turnaround without you guys, so really appreciate your efforts in getting this onboard so quickly!"

    Kelly Thomas, Director
  • "MyMediaTradingDesk have now met directly with two of our favourite clients and helped me walk them through where Programmatic Digital Media can fit in their marketing and advertising mix. Bringing them into these meetings really added to my relationships and credibility with our clients rather than diluting it."

    Mat Lewis, Director
    Margin Media
  • "MMTD always have bang up to date knowledge of what’s happening in their wider field and it means their strategy is solid, their props are set up for easy adaptation into our own, and the clients love the numbers in their reporting which prove we’re adding value to them and their organisation. They’re a brilliant partner to us, having extended our professional appeal as well as our revenue."

    Scott Oxford, Creative Director / Partner
    New Word Order

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