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MyMediaTradingDesk helps Marketers to utilise programmatic media buying to grow the inhouse capabilities of their team, while driving business outcomes.

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Where does your marketing department fit?

Ad Hoc Digital Campaigns

We enable you to have ready access to digital media buying professionals without carrying any overhead. You pay for what you use and can brief us at any time.

Ongoing Marketing & Lead Gen

Regardless of your team size, we can help you build an ongoing digital advertising presence that utilises the relevant media types for your customers. Our CPM to CPA campaigns always get the boss’ attention!


We can perform sales funnel audits and year long digital media plans for your business or help you recruit a digital team yourself.

If your team is growing, or you feel like a small fish in a big pond, it’s certainly time to chat with MMTD.

Some of our marketing manager customers find that breaking off digital media buying from their larger listed agency commitments gives them a better sense of control and a higher level of service.

When we launched in 2013 we spent much of our time educating the market on what programmatic was and how it worked. Nowadays we’re finding that a key appeal is that whether you’re spending $10k or $100k on a campaign, you’re offered the same level of service and respect at MyMediaTradingDesk. No more feeling like you’ve been dropped as soon as an IO is signed!

We’d be honoured to have your business work directly with MyMediaTradingDesk. We certainly can’t do everything in the Digital Media space, but here’s some parts that we’re brilliant at:

  • We can respond to your brief with solutions across Banners, Video, Facebook, Insta, Spotify, CatchupTV, Mobile, Pinterest and more.

  • As a privately owned operation, with an active Director, all staff at MMTD have an understanding of business implications and opportunities.

  • As Digital Media ongoingly fragments and grows in complexity, MyMediaTradingDesk continues to bring them under our one banner, for you to access.

  • In most instances, we'll also offer a minimum click guarantee on CPM campaigns, ensuring that our team is aiming for quality inventory that works for you.

  • We offer advice on sales funnels and creative to ensure that your goals are met in the most cost effective way possible.

Maintain control of your digital media spend and reporting.

Have an instant Digital Advertising Team, without the overhead.

One relationship gives you access to multiple digital media across video, display, social and more.

Free cheat sheet for marketers…

Discover the 6 keys to maximising your digital campaign success!

Marketers FAQs

Here’s some topics we get queries on from time to time. Feel free to call with your own as well.

What's your minimum spend?

Our minimum investment is usually $6k for up to 4 weeks activity. We can always discuss other models but please don't approach us with "We've got $500 for a month's trial and if that works, our budget is unlimited". We're not those guys.

Can MMTD run campaigns on...

If it's available programmatically, we can buy it. Current options include Websites, FreeApps, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Youtube, Linkedin, Video, Spotify, CatchupTV, etc.

What are my targeting options?

We can use your first party data or bring provide access to third party across Interest, Intent, Demo, etc. Maybe you want to integrate Mosaic? Retargeting can be done static or dynamically, as can prospecting actually, if you have the time and cash. From a geotargeting perspective, we're very comfortable with custom Lat/Long Strings or just simply using radius around a point like everyone else, or even IP location.

Where are you based?

We're 'based' in Brisbane from day to day but the team travels where the clients need us to with our most common destinations being Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and Canberra. Personally, we really like the Adelaide Hills and Byron Bay so if you're from there, please 'demand we come and meet you'! And we're looking for a new Account Manager from anywhere in Australia, so please let us know if you know someone.

What are other marketers saying about MMTD?

  • "Digital Advertising is a growing area for us and one we want to be really close to the process of. The MyMediaTradingDesk team are very available, open and passionate about our campaigns and they strike the right balance between taking on board our directions and sharing their relevant experience. Each of our campaigns varies wildly and their advice and flexibility is invaluable.”

    Jane Hunterland, Campaign Manager
    Queensland Theatre

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