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[Case Study] Using Digital Advertising to Sell a $400+ product that had NO prior Brand Recognition

  Well it’s finally happened and can’t be denied… I clicked on a banner ad and bought the product (€270 euros  / $410 AUD worth!) all without talking to or emailing anyone from the company and knowing nothing about the brand before I saw the Ad. I’ve clicked through and investigated plenty of   

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Our 7 Step Process

We’ve explained before that we’re initially hard to work with, but worth it.  But we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a better idea of the process that we will be going through together once we start working with you. Step 1 – Tell Us What You   

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Do You Need A Programmatic Interpreter?

When you first become involved with programmatic advertising, you’ll find that we speak an entirely different language. It can be confusing and difficult to follow, but at MyMediaTradingDesk our team works hard to make sure you pick everything up. Soon you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about. Why do we   

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Programmatic Confusion Part 2: The Results

Programmatic can seem complicated and confusing, especially when you’re faced with a client who wants results and is paying you to achieve them. We’re following up our first post about the confusion surrounding programmatic and focusing on the results programmatic will achieve, and how to properly explain them to your   

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Programmatic Confusion Part 1: The Prospect

In our post “How Data is used in Your Programmatic Campaigns”, we explain how programmatic digital focuses on identifying the perfect prospects and buying ads they are viewing in real time. The alternative is guessing where the prospects may be online based on historical site traffic reports and then buying   

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